Anat Interviewed on NPR’s All Things Considered

Born in Tel Aviv, Anat Cohen came to New York two decades ago to study the masters of jazz. In so doing, the clarinetist and saxophonist started a bit of a stampede: Today, Israel is exporting some of the most vital jazz out there.

After years of also studying the music of South America, Cohen has chosen to name her newest record Claroscuro. It’s the Spanish variation on the Italian art term ‘chiaroscuro’ — the technique of contrasting light and shadow. Cohen spoke with NPR’s Guy Raz about her home country’s emergence as a jazz capital, what changed for her when she came to the U.S., and where her mind goes when she performs.

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Claroscuro reviewed in Jazz in space

The clarinetist and multi-reedist Anat Cohen has a sound that speaks in an array of brilliant colors. As a performer and leader, (she recently kicked off the release of “Claroscuro” on Anzic Records with a six night gig at the Village Vanguard, a comfortable space that she called “one big living room”) Cohen knows how to pull a listener in, feeding on the attention of her audience as much as her quartet to rapturously blow through standards old and new and absorbing originals, too. She’s a charmer who connects emotionally and you walk away both thrilled and thoroughly entertained – all of which is nicely conveyed on the disc.

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