It has been more than 70 years since Benny Goodman, a nice clarinet-blowing Jewish boy from Chicago, emerged on the jazz scene and kept things swinging in the homeland during the Second World War. Today, things are different. The world is at war on another front; many musical revolutions have already occurred, norms and icons have been shattered. The Tel Aviv-born clarinet player Anat Cohen is doing a fine job at perhaps filling Goodman’s chair. After all, she has a formidable sense of soul and the ability to make an impression on the jazz aesthetic, and in doing so she does it justice. Whereas Goodman was a classicist, setting a modern jazz precedent, Cohen is an impressionist, paying homage to the masters of old, while acknowledging the times of present. She certainly sketched impressions of a rainy Saturday night at the legendary Village Vanguard, where she was just closing up a one-week stint that had featured a guest appearance by trombonist Wycliffe Gordon, earlier in the week.

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Scott Krane JazzTimes