• 01. Navad
  • 02. Gigi et Amelie
  • 03. Freedom
  • 04. Beaches
  • 05. U-Valley
  • 06. Lies and Gossip
  • 07. It Could Happen to You
  • 08. Elegy for Eliku
  • 09. Tfila [Prayer]
  • 10. Shoutin' Low

Braid – 3 Cohens

2007 | Anzic Records

Siblings Yuval, Anat and Avishai Cohen have been playing together since childhood. Now, as seasoned musicians and band-leaders, they pair the joy of family music-making with musicianship of the highest level. They complete each other’s phrases, seamlessly intertwining solo and accompaniment in an exciting original program. Featuring Aaron Goldberg, Eric Harland and Omer Avital.

“…arresting sophomore album…” – Nate Chinen, New York Times
“…[a] polyphonic pip.” – Village Voice
“Rarely in the history of jazz family bands have siblings so successfully created a unified group sound with as distinctive an identity as the Israel-born Cohens.” – Downbeat

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