Choro Ensemble



  • 1. Nostalgia / Jacob Do Bandolim
  • 2. Chorinho Em Aldeia / Severinho Araujo
  • 3. Ciumento / Jacob Do Bandolim
  • 4. Curinga / Anat Cohen
  • 5. Diabinho Maluco / Jacob Do Bandolim
  • 6. Cochichando / Pixinguinha
  • 7. Choro Pro Guilherme / Pedro Ramos
  • 8. Vôo da Mosca / Jacob Do Bandolim
  • 9. Passa Tempo / Pixinguinha
  • 10. 1x0 / Pixinguinha
  • 11. Sweet One / Dionisio Santos
  • 12. Chorinho Pra Dani / _ Anat Cohen
  • 13. A Ginga Do Mané / Jacob Do Bandolim

Choro Ensemble by Choro Ensemble

2005 | Circular Moves

We’re talking about “Choro”, a Brazilian style that is older than Bossa Nova or Samba. Though most tunes have been around for one-hundred years, they still sound exquisite today.

Choro was born in Rio de Janeiro in the late 19th Century, a result of mixing polkas, waltz, mazurkas and African-Brazilian rhythms such as the Lundu. Poor people, most of them former slaves and mestizos, put together their own musical style with instruments like flute, clarinet, guitar, cavaquinho, and light percussion.

The music would be played at Christian parties, weddings, and birthday parties, always in the backyard of family homes. Choro means “cry.” Jacob do Bandolim (1918-1969), one of the Choro masters, said “Choros are a collection of music to cry, to make people cry.” Not because of sadness, but of happiness.

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