Samba Jazz: Jazz Samba



  • 01. Depois Da Chuva
  • 02. Sabor Carioca
  • 03. Rancho Das Nuvens
  • 04. Blues Connotation
  • 05. Obstinado
  • 06. The Peacocks
  • 07. O Guarana
  • 08. Flying Over Rio
  • 09. Dona Olimpia
  • 10. Melancia

Samba Jazz: Jazz Samba – Duduka Da Fonseca Quintet

2012 | Anzic Records

Samba Jazz. Jazz Samba. These two exciting musical forms come together as one in the music of the Duduka Da Fonseca Quintet – uniting North and South (Americas) in a manner which politicians can only dream of. Since his early days as a drummer in his native Rio de Janeiro, Duduka has been seeking the perfect balance between Jazz and Samba, working to develop the swinging sound that is called Samba Jazz.

One of the foremost proponents of the genre, he has performed with the best of both worlds, from Antonio Carlos Jobim and Astrud Gilberto to Joe Henderson and Kenny Barron. His quintet featuring saxophonist/clarinetist Anat Cohen, guitarist Guilherme Monteiro, pianist Helio Alves and bassist Leonardo Cioglia is the perfect vehicle for the continuation of his quest.

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